How much does this cost to rent?

This is rented as a flat fee (Fuel and daily rental rate included) so that there are no surprises. Right now fuel is at the lowest levels we’ve seen in years!
Please send us a note if you are interested in talking about renting this. Often times renting this coach is cheaper or only a $100-$200 more expensive then renting a van and getting hotel rooms and that includes fuel!

Do you rent this just for artists or can I rent this to go to a special event, or for a bachelor party or to tailgate at the Seahawks, UW, or WSU Games?
If you’re not an artist, but have a special event you’re interested in using this for then please reach out! This is perfect to rent for the big game (especially when the cold fall weather hits) as this is a warm dry place to get in out of the cold! This thing is great to use to cruise over to Eastern Washington to go Wine Tasting and is a lot of fun to take down to Portland for a bachelor party! If you have a group of 8-10 people - this is often cheaper on a cost per person basis than people driving individually and paying for gas/hotels/parking to meet up. Think about it - going to Portland from the Seattle area for a group of 10 people or saw is often less than $45 per person per way - plus you can all travel together and don’t have to all cram into the same hotel room! This coach has also traveled to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Pendleton Round-up, Sasquatch Music Festival, Winery Concerts, and multiple sporting events.

How many people can this sleep?
This coach has 12 bunks but also has a front lounge couch and rear lounge couch. Theoretically it could sleep 14 people but it will be VERY full! I find that with 10-12 people it is very comfortable for several days!

How big is this coach?
45 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. The Prevost does have a raised roof though which makes it much nicer (more headroom) than other coaches without raised roofs.

What states will this travel to?
This Entertainer coach typically stays out west. Getting it anywhere in Washington or Idaho or Oregon or California on short notice is typically not a problem!

Is there built in WiFi or Satellite TV?
Yes. however normally we have both turned off to keep our prices as low as possible. We can setup/turn on both Wifi and/or Satellite for an additional fee (please note that you must ask a minimum of 1 week in advance). We normally keep them off because everyone has smart phones now to access the internet plus most campgrounds and concert venues/clubs. Our goal is to keep the overall rental price as low as possible so we don’t add extras in that most people don’t want to pay for anymore! The coach does have 2 flat screen TVs with DVD players and surround sound audio systems. Both TVs have over the air HDTV antennas hooked up so local channels are available in most markets.

Is there Air Conditioning?
Yes! True this is a big metal box that’s often parked on hot pavement. That said the air conditioners are well maintained and work well. In the summer the coach typically stays at least 20 degrees cooler than the ambient air (outside)

My band is playing at Sasquatch or Watershed or Paradiso or Bumbershoot and I need a coach - is this available?
Yes! Several artists have used this in the past and many have used it on multiple occasions. Give us a call to discuss! (501) 725-1294

Are there any storage drawers on the coach?
Yes there are lots.

Can I just rent one of those trailers?

Can I smoke or bring my pets in this?


Is this a bus?
No. This is a private motorhome set up similar to a tour bus that band would use on the road (with the bunks - it is set up like an entertainer coach). We rent it occasionally when we aren’t using it. One of the many great things about this coach is that it has a shower while many tour busses don’t, so it eliminates the need for hotel rooms.

What is your phone number?
(501) 725-1294

Can I just buy this from you?
Anything is for sale for a price. Contact us for more info (501) 725-1294