More Work on the Coach

Time for more upgrades to the coach:

This weekend the coach is going in for service and is getting all new upgraded air ride suspension and a few more modifications which make make the whole thing ride better and the front lounge more quiet. 

This will be the latest upgrade to add to the long list of other recent upgrades - all of which will provide a better rental experience for our customers!

Recent 2015 upgrades/maintenance include:
  • All new sheets, pillows, blankets
  • All new front lounge and washroom flooring
  • New front "ductless" air conditioner/heater
  • New (larger) stainless refrigerator and Microwave
  • New Front Faucet
  • All new batteries (House, Main Engine, Generator)
  • New Air Compressor (allows for faster coach warm up so that it can get on the road faster)
  • New stainless steel hardware (doorhandles etc.)
  • New entry front steps
  • New suspension 
  • New Stainless steel hub covers
  • New front windshield tinting ("browlines")
  • Coach deep cleaning

This thing is in great shape (clean, comfortable, reliable) and is ready to hit the road. Give us a call for your next rental in the Pacific Northwest!